Blog Goals 2011 - 2012

1. Set a true purpose for blogging. (Home decor? Organization? Crafting? Being a stay at home wife? A mix of several of those?)

2. Research the following:
       a. how to make the blog a legal business
       b. how do I get started with advertisers and sponsors
3. Read up on other bloggers advice. (I've noticed quite a few of the "rock stars" out there have advice on this and posts dedicated to it.)

4. Set up a Pinterest account. DONE! (Why aren't you over there following me hmmm? ;) )

5. Purchase my own domain.

6. Hire a blog designer to create a look of my own for the blog.

6. Create a blogging schedule and get organized.

7. Host my first giveaway. DONE!

8. Set up a photobucket account (or something similar). DONE!

9. Use social media more effectively. (I won a book from Jane @ The Borrowed Abode that should help with this.)

10. More link parties! (Ideas anyone? Something you've been dying to see a linky party for?)

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